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"Kanye" told us to [Download]

There is much to be said about The Chainsmokers, two talented artists, possible geniuses on capitalization of pop culture, energetic live performers and the list can continue infinitely from there. With their release of "Kanye", crowds, if not masses fell into the satire of another hit, a song back boned by a pending pop icon who seems to continue to make himself right at home in the trending column on our screens. The song received notice and has just about concluded it's 15 seconds of fame it "questionably" deserved, but undeniably it was pretty entertaining. Although, something that will without a doubt live on from this 4 minute original, is the infectious lyrics delivered by two beautiful young blossoming ladies from Los Angeles, SirenXX. With their help it gave the song that certain sparkle that caught all of our attention and brought us to why we are here. 

K Theory, San Francisco based pioneers and advocates of originality were few of many that heard "Kanye", understanding the joke and not very much entertained the group moved on with their lives. The next day however something did stick with the group, not jokes from The Chainsmokers, or violent thoughts about selfie enthusiasts (well probably), but those two girls singing couldn't escape their minds or conversation for the 3 man group. Even the distant echos of Kanye telling K Theory to remix this "song" could be heard by them, anything Yeezus related needed to be felt from the trap and they knew this. 

The boys went to work and brought this remix up, I mean Kanye's definition of up, letting SirenXX do their thing, K Theory took care of the rest. From a snare section intro, the vocals created a ladder for one crazy drop to plunge from, entering into a enormous big room bass frenzy that makes this track completely nuts. The second drop after following a mellow section of Kayne dreams, K Theory brings it back to their roots, slaying out a gritty dubstep section showing yet another aspect of why this groups vision can be so chameleon like. Finishing Kanye with a proper goodbye, the outro is nothing but a relaxed 808 red carpet for the one and only Yeezus to properly exit on.  

In the end, while one day all of us may dream to stand with a crown on our head, maybe tell Taylor Swift to hold off a second on a speech, even naively attempt to make a paraplegic boy stand up, we can live in the now thanks by K Theory. Now go ahead, get down to some of this bass mayhem, remember, Kayne said so.. 

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The Chainsmokers

"Kanye" (K Theory Kayne Told Us To Remix)

  • Self Released
  • October 6th


Bass · Dubstep · Trap


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