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The Seshen 'Unravel' new EP [Premiere]

Often times less is more, while other times more can speak for itself and be exactly what a group needs to find a full, well polished sound. For The Bay Area's The Seshen, seven members come together to create their unique and well rounded music. This week they release their debut EP on Tru Thoughts Recordings entitled Unravel.

A strong contrast of sound and energy can be found on the opening title track "Unravel".  The hard hitting, rhythmic, and electric sounds stand in stark contrast to the smooth and soulful vocals of Akasha Orr and Lalin St. Juste. The clarity of the vocals shift for "Oblivion," blending in more with the music for the opening until again, the rhythm breaks away. This leaves softened ethereal vocals to carry the verses.

Contrasting the catchy, upbeat and energy-filled "Shapes", "Turn" lives up to its name as it changes the pace of the EP. Guided by an ominous hum and acoustic guitar, an electronic edge holds off for a bit, setting the atmosphere of the track before showcasing the impressive vocal range. "The Fall" pulls the album up with more of a positive energy before the EP reaches it's finale with "2000 seasons".

The whole album follows the same style and energy which creates an authentic, true-to-self EP.  It is consistent from song to song, right from "Unravel" to "2000 Seasons" which makes it a great album to sit back and enjoy from start to end.

Track Listing

  1. Unravel
  2. Oblivion
  3. Shapes
  4. Turn
  5. The Fall
  6. 2000 Seasons


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