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Dream Stretcher present a kaleidoscope of "Colors" [Premiere]

While Dream Stretcher may be fairly unknown for the time being, they carry a sound that can at times come off as familiar. This is partly due to the fact that they can carry slight similarities to a number of acts including both Purity Ring and Beach House. With three songs under their belt they have built off of their prior material in their newest release, the hazy dream pop track "Colors".

With an easy-going female vocal lead, an entrancing experimental soundscape carries listeners along. From start to finish "Colors" paints a perfect picture of what Dream Stretcher bring to the table with its glistening and echoing pop tones.

To get a better feel for what Dream Stretcher are capable of be sure to also listen to "The Fall", released earlier this year. 

There is no telling when an experimental pop band like Dream Stretcher will truly break through, but songs like "Colors" prove that they are honing in on their own unique identity. 

Chillwave · Dark Pop · Exclusive · Indie · Synth


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