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Locked Groove channels spellbinding house & techno on 'Thesseus' EP

The fun thing about following Tim Van de Meutter - better regarded as Locked Groove - is counting on the fact that he can deliver at a consistent pace. Whether through his own Locked Groove Records, Turbo, Roze Balletten, or Hotflush, the quality in his production matches well with the volume of work put out. Since his debut on Hotflush nearly 2 years ago, Van de Meutter has pushed the envelope on his respective stylistic rhythms that bind techno and house sounds fluently. Now making his debut on Munich-based label - Permanent Vacation - he establishes new grounds with Thesseus.


Lesser known for his hypnotics, Van de Meutter demonstrates he can group calming and sedative atmospheres that translate well on the dance floor; title track "Thesseus" is the prime example. Starting deep, the low kicks riding under soft jangles hint at an other-worldy vibe that reveals itself and expands remarkably at the one-minute mark. From there on, the space odyssey shifts into a daze of leads and pads that, by the track's midpoint, expounds into a beautiful display of warm pad layering.


 The flip, "Meditations in an Emergency", elaborates on the pads with a gentle-flowing richness of textural breadth. Of course, this track is clearly designated for the  aftermath recoup following up a crazy night. An ensemble of symphonic sounds mixed in with a hint of downsized bleeping gleams, Van de Meutter knew exactly what he intended to do with a title like that. Clockwork also features his own rendition of "Meditations in an Emergency" that adds tension and edge to the original's amiable demeanor.

 Available both in digital and 12-inch format, grab your copy of Thesseus while you can (link below).



Locked Groove

Thesseus EP

  • Permanent Vacation
  • 2014-09-26


Dance · House · Techno


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