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Journey through rhythm & space with Permanent Heartbreak's self-titled LP

Permanent Heartbreak is the new project by VRV label affiliates who currently choose to protect the moniker with a shield of anonymity. And while curiosity may drive listeners to wander on the who-abouts behind the music, the fact that there's little to no substantial information available on the artist helps us zero-in on what really matters; the music itself. Released as the label's first cassette format, Permanent Heartbreak's self-titled LP steers the imprint in a new direction with 6 tracks flipping through thematic layers of tunes that collage an air of spontaneous effort motivated by human awareness.


With opener "Lauren(ce)", awakening takes place as fluttered noise warms up the scene. Going from a wet to dry spectrum, the lo-fi progression captures a coordinated tension that eases its way through the second track. "Disappoint" creates a special moment provoking a reflective state of melancholy. Both drums and vocal samples tether a hefty sensation of mantra-like entrancement that makes way for the floor-ready Raiz edit of "Sorry Not Sorry".

 The b-side quickly sees Permanent Heartbreak shift the tempo by experimenting with more ambiance over a kick-drum guided formula. "His Words" holds up an acid-induced trip dipping into rich sci-fi realms fixed over a danceable drum rack arrangement. Bouncy and equally spacious, "Her Words" functions as a lucid session that displays the effectiveness of keeping things simple. Reaching "Leaving U", the chosen mood fades out the LP with a gloomy spirit that gives a sense of completion and closure.


Available now on cassette, the digital version is set for release on virtual outlets October 18th. Check out the audio clips and be sure to grab your physical/ digital copy of Permanent Heartbreak out on VRV.


Permanent Heartbreak

Permanent Heartbreak

  • VRV
  • 2014-10-18


Downtempo · Electronic


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