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Eekkoo paints it "B.L.A.C.K" ahead of 'Hell Is Other People' EP release [Premiere]

After "Elysium" reverberated across the blogosphere two weeks ago, Eekkoo's forthcoming EP, Hell Is Other People, officially jumped to the top of our most wanted list. Dropping on a now-confirmed date of October 13th, the mau5trap release marks the sophomore EP from the Canadian artist, following his self-titled, 3-track work last December that featured the unforgettable song "Grindin". From what we've heard so far, Hell Is Other People stands as a remarkable representation of Eekkoo's style, furthered by today's track: the unapologetic "B.L.A.C.K.". Conjuring images of abandoned spaces and proceeding with an unflinching, ominous order, the streamlined work contrasts the emotive highs and lows of "Elysium" with steady electro progression.

You can preorder the EP and also snag a preview of all five tracks on iTunes right now. Don't fret: the remainder of the release, which includes the title song as well as "Don Cobb" and "Skeptic", live up to, and potentially surpass, anything we've heard so far. 




  • mau5trap
  • 2014-10-13


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