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Jon Bellion stands by his biggest project yet, "The Definition" [Download]

I can second guess artists. Not as people, but in output, and to be honest, I did with Jon Bellion of Visionary Music Group. My friends and I were first blown away with "Paper Planes", but shortly after we were turned away by his following singles. I'm not entirely sure why, but perhaps we thought he was better than the stuff he was releasing. Today I realize he was building a discography up to the pinnacle of his career, The Definition.

I last brought you a visual by Jon, titled "Carry Your Throne", in which we see the immense amount of passion and poeticism that goes into his projects. From that moment I was truly excited to see the outcome of the new album. Let me tell you, this project is substantially more than I expected. It takes talent to produce and vocalize an album, but this is two talents perfected and twisted into one glorious track list.

Jon has an odd way of connecting to his audience through subtle laughs and casual language, which I previously believed wasn't effective. However, now I see how relatable his music can be as you listen along. Not to mention his production is unheard of, maxing out his ability to cut and chop acapella riffs.

Take a listen to Jon Bellion's The Definition out today via Visionary Music Group. The full project is available for download at JonBellion.com.

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Jon Bellion

The Definition

  • Visionary Music Group
  • September 23


Indie · Pop · Soul · Soul-Hop


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Jon Bellion
6 years ago

“: Jon Bellion stands by his biggest project yet, "The Definition" [Download] - http://t.co/oZzkCK719X @jonbellion”


6 years ago

@jonbellion glad I could write it up! #VMG