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Urban Cone gives Porter Robinson's "Lionhearted" a second try[Music Video][Premiere]

As Porter Robinson continues sharing his music on his well received Worlds tour, his track "Lionhearted" only gains more and more popularity. But to add a little spin on the things, the featured Swedish vocalists on "Lionhearted", Urban Cone, have taken their own stab at the song.

The Urban Cone quintet have been in the studio re-inventing Robinson's "Lionhearted" in an instrumental cover of their own.  The guys have taken Robinson's original electronic track and given it new life with their live instrumentation. And I gotta say, watching these five adorable fellas jam out to the tune of "Lionhearted" in their latest music video will only bring a smile to your face. 

Urban Cone plans on delivering an full length album next year with Astralwerks, and an EP even before that, so you'll need to keep an ear out for these guys. We've got your first look at the video here, so watch it below!



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Da real official Ian
6 years ago

“: Urban Cone gives Porter Robinson's "Lionhearted" a second try[Music ... - http://t.co/AdTeFh3hpO @porterrobinson @urbancone” wow