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Jon Bellion is looking to "Carry Your Throne" [Video]

"Rough sex in the courtyard, and your legs are the North Star..."

I've had quite the lasting relationship with Visionary Music Group. Amongst many rapidly progressing collectives, I have mad respect for these dudes. They sit with TDE, Dim Mak, HW&W, and Spinnin' as some of my current favorites. Not to mention they have an almost 100% destined star, Jon Bellion, flexing his vocal pipes like a Venice body builder on a hot day.

I first became interested in the evolution of Jon Bellion after hearing his breakout single, "Paper Planes" and seeing the extremely creative visuals that accompanied it. Today I am here to share you the third single off Jon Bellion’s The Definition which is due out September 23rd on VMG. This one was half-self-produced, half by Chris Destefano, similar to the previously released “Munny Right,” “Simple and Sweet,” and “Luxury”. His project is shaping up to be a well expected hit.

Jon is headlining his first national tour, The Beautiful Mind Tour  which begins October 1st in Boston, MA. Tickets can be found at TheBeautifulMindTour.com. Make sure to look for The Definition on September 23.


Jon Bellion

"Carry Your Throne"

  • Visionary Music Group
  • September 11


Dark Pop · Pop · R&B · Soul


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