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Snowpoet channels Björk on "Alive With Closed Eyes"

Nights are perfect for Björk records, but then again it's not like she's ever been limited to any specific point in time. After all, she's always been applauded for pushing conceptual boundaries and experimenting with sounds throughout her extensive career. She's got eight albums under her belt, so her releases are now few and far between, but hey, did you hear that surprise collaborative album with Death Grips this past summer? It goes without saying that she's heavily influenced a wave of musicians, and Snowpoet seems to fit right among them. 

A London duo formed by Chris Hyson and Lauren Kinsella, Snowpoet debuted with "Alive with Closed Eyes," a minimal, gloomy record pulling inspiration from the e.e. cummings poem of the same title - much like Björk's "Sun in My Mouth". But where Björk's song is backed by lofty strings and progressively builds to its end, Snowpoet's tune is decidedly melancholy. Kinsella's ethereal vocals are surrounded by a flowing soundscape and beautiful keys courtesy of Hyson, making for a rainy day, late-night tune that draws you in. For three minutes, you easily find yourself floating along, being soothed by her voice. It's absolutely gorgeous.

Wade out with Snowpoet.

As a bonus, check out Ibeyi, the 19-year-old French-Cuban twin duo Naomi and Lisa-Kainde Díaz, and their stunning debut "Oya". Wonder what a Snowpoet x Ibeyi collaboration would sound like...


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