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jr. hi crushes our expectations with a futuristic heart-heavy video for "C-A-R-A-M-E-L" [VIDEO]

You've heard us talk about anonymity a lot lately. I get it. Producers are beginning to understand that the music not only makes the money, but keeps the money rolling in. If you're a performer, cool. Do a good job and get recognition. But performances tend to get old quickly, especially if there's nothing substantial to back them. Not for jr. hi. Sporting a mask likened to the Cyborg Ninjas of Metal Gear Solid, you'll be surprised how many feels the music provides. It's as if Cobra Commander suddenly conquered a heart and turned his life around—a life of sadboi emotions and failed relationships.

Autotune, flowers, and more sideboob than your blood supply can accommodate, "C-A-R-A-M-E-L" pulls all the right heartstrings for this technologically structured society we currently live in. Can robots love? If so, is it safe to say they experience the pain associated with it? Indeed, this video supplies enough evidence and data to support that claim. Take a gander, and grab a mechanized tissue box while you're at it.

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