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GRADES adds a jackin' twist to Detour City's "Merlin" [Premiere]

UK based Tabitha Benjamin, aka Detour City, has an eclectic variation of releases, all of which utilize her impressionable voice in several different ways. Her track “Merlin” takes on a speedy drum and bass route in its original form, but GRADES has re-worked this into an epic bass house banger. Preserving the powerful nature of the original, and adding a bit of jackin’ goodness has made this an engaging rendition. Her vocals are re-worked and more subtle, and the tempo is slightly slower. It’s the type of track I’d expect to hear from Black Butter Records, as the style immediately resembles that particular style. All in all, this is a fantastic new angle for an already energetic track.

Dance · Exclusive · Feature · House


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Detour City
6 years ago

“: GRADES adds a jackin' twist to Detour City's "Merlin" [Premiere] - http://t.co/QRzzCAEv8V @DetourCity” thanks!