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BRONCHO's Just Enough Hip To Be Woman [Album Premiere]

With one credited full-length under their belt Oklahoma natives Broncho look to leave their mark on the scene in 2014. Bending but not breaking the gritty style explored in their debut album with clever nuances that venture into an array of genres, their upcoming release Just Enough Hip To Be Woman will stir up some waves. Only one week away from the full-length's official release, given the impact of the album's lead single "Class Historian" it is clear that they have honed in on a refined and desired sound. 

With Just Enough Hip To Be Woman, Broncho turn to their polished guitar driven harmonies to carry their music along. Whether it is the retro vibe shining through the album's opener "What" or the drone rock style found in the album's closer "China", Broncho offer up wide-spread material that stays true to who they are. One of the many highlights of the album is the bands ability to inject their music with strong enough hooks to truly make each song stand apart. Also successful is the instance in each track where the shoe-gaze theme of featuring guitar alongside the vocals comes through, instead of burying the instrumentation behind the vocal melodies. In all Just Enough Hip To Be Woman showcases a band in their stride, ready to conquer the rock scene with their inspired music.

Head on over to iTunes to preorder Just Enough Hip To Be Woman here.


Just Enough Hip To Be Woman

  • 09-16-2014


Exclusive · Indie · Rock


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