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Mike Melinoe's "Hold My Dust" could be a step towards hip-hop revival [Premiere]

I prefer anything loose and lyrical, as most of you are probably tired of hearing about by now. But honestly, if you were to throw Yeezus and Madlib/Freddy Gibbs' new joint Pinata on my desk, I'd have no problem lighting Yeezus on fire and adding another copy of Pinata to my collection. It's not utter hipsterness, it's simple recognition of artistic integrity.

Today I have a new artist by the name of Mike Melinoe, premiering his new track "Hold My Dust" produced by Vintage Tux. The track is coming to you from Organic Geniuses, a US hip-hop collective who has shown some true talent in the past few months. 

I'm digging Melinoe's story telling style, roping lyrics together over what almost sounds identical to a Madlib beat. It's soft in noise, but the track shows you just how hard Mike goes in from the tip of his pen to the recording booth. I give a solid two thumbs up to Vintage Tux as well, perfecting the art of a representative instrumental.

Take a listen to "Hold My Dust" now and check back later for more updates on Mike's progress.


Mike Melinoe

"Hold My Dust"

  • Organic Geniuses
  • September 2
Hip-Hop · Jazz Hop · Rap · Spoken Word


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6 years ago

my main page is @mikemelinoe

6 years ago

thank you folks.much love