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Rachel Foxx releases her brilliantly soulful self-titled EP [Premiere]

Sometimes you come across a new artist and that magical feeling happens when you instantly connect with the vibes they give off, making you zone out of the real world, and into their magical musical planet. This is exactly what happened when I first heard the stunning new EP from London-based songstress Rachel Foxx.

Sitting at six tracks deep with a combined running time of just over fifteen minutes, Rachel Foxx's self-titled EP isn't the longest body of work you will hear this year, but what it lacks in length, it most certainly makes up for in content. Starting with the mellow "Intro", with its downtempo beat and laid-back chord progression, you really get a feel for the kind of artist Rachel Foxx is, as she soulfully glides her way through the opening minute-and-a-half opener.

The second track, "Before You", is a more jazzy affair, with relaxing chord progressions making up the body of the track, while "Rock With Me" is a more uptempo joint that sounds something akin to early Alicia Keys. "Interlude" is a funked up R&B banger, with Foxx using her vocal range to its optimum, delivering some really nice melodies. The tracks "Strong" and "Outro" make sure that the EP finishes as strongly as it began, and that Rachel Foxx is going to be a name on everyone's lips for the future.

You can stream the EP in its entirety below, and be sure to check out Foxx's Soundcloud page for more soulful joints!


rachel foxx ep artwork

Rachel Foxx

Rachel Foxx EP

  • Self-Released
  • August 29th, 2014
Indie · Soul · U.K.


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