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Aaron Snapes gets jumped in to the Dirtybird Players with "Space Bass" [Exclusive]

The Dirtybird camp has been at the top of its game for a few years now. From tech house to deep house to booty tech, these guys are pushing only the best music; the cream of the crop. As such, we find ourselves with a release from Leeds-based artist, Aaron Snapes. Originally a member of the Perfect Driver crew, Claude and his Players swooped him up for a two-track EP releasing today off Birdhouse, and Beatport on September 1st.

The tune adopts a similar VonStroke-style of sampling, where only vowels, syllables, and fat beats make the cut. Similar in design to "Vocal Chords" with a bassline likened to that of Sugar & Cinnamon, "Space Bass" is a whirlwind of bouncy booty tech goodness. Grab a listen below, and pop it like Rocks®.

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