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Above & Beyond's "Blue Sky Action" with Alex Vargas gets a push to the deep end from Meramek [Premiere]

If you're a dance fan or a fan of Above & Beyond, there's no doubt that you've heard their latest single "Blue Sky Action." Featuring the vocals of one of their favorite new artists to collaborate with, Alex Vargas, it's a track that demonstrates again why they are so successful: the blend of pop melody, a big room presence and emotive lyrics and synths inspired by the beginning of Wall-E gives it a massive overall appeal. But for fans of Jono, Paavo and Tony drawn to their earlier trance or deep house work, the original mix of "Blue Sky Action" might not be the release to top all releases. Luckily, today we've got a first look at a piece of the remix package to be offered up for "Blue Sky Action," and it should quench any fan's palate. Done by an alter ego of Oliver Smith's who also calls Anjunabeats his home, Meramek takes "Blue Sky Action" on a road into the deep. And instead of having a feeling of breaking out soaring into the clouds, the track now emulates sunshine at a cruising altitude. Due out on September 28th via Anjunabeats with the help of Ultra Music, the release will not only feature that from Meramek but others, including Above & Beyond themselves. Ahead of their performance at Madison Square Garden to celebrate Group Therapy 100, that's a pretty exciting fall for Above & Beyond fans.

Dance · Deep House · Main Stage


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[…] up on stage at every single show they perform to "push the button" when they play their club mix of "Blue Sky Action," and frequently use the community as inspiration for the concepts behind their albums, including […]