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Super8 & Tab detail the making of "No Frontiers" featuring Julie Thompson + Jerome Isma-Ae remix

Finnish trance artists Super8 & Tab have been producing melodic dance music since 2005, and have been working with trance and progressive mega-label Anjunabeats just as long. Last week they teamed up with famed vocalist Julie Thompson on the highly anticipated release of their single together, "No Frontiers." The addicting track was also remixed by German producer Jerome Isma-Ae, bringing visions of a darkened club dance floor to life, and poses to be a staple in trance sets across sounds for the rest of the season. We got to chat with Super8 & Tab about the making of "No Frontiers," so check it out below.

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EARMILK: Can you tell us about your experience making this EP? 
Super8 & Tab: We wrote the first demo a few years ago. Back then it was just a simple instrumental without a beat or bassline, but we loved chords, piano and the overall feeling it had. We  also felt it would make a killer vocal track with the right singer.
EARMILK: What was your intent when you started and how was it different than other experiences you've had?
Super8 & Tab: "No Frontiers" is quite a cinematic piece of music. We wanted it to sound original and fresh, but still have that classic trance feel to it. 
EARMILK: How did you get linked up with Julie Thompson for the vocals and then Jerome Isma-Ae for the remix?
Super8 & Tab: We have worked with Julie before on our previous album and we have been writing music together as well. So when we started to think who we wanted for vocals, Julie was our first choice. She traveled to our studio in Helsinki and we wrote vocals for No Frontiers in one day and recorded them immediately. It has always been really easy to work with her. 
We asked Jerome for a remix because we’ve been big fans of his productions and remixes for a long time now. He is a master of grooves and we wanted to take a different approach to track, his style suited perfectly for what we were looking with the remix.

Super8 & Tab, Julie Thompson

No Frontiers

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