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Nico Schinco vibes hard in "Émeute"

The young New York based producer, Nico Schinco has just released his progressive house track "Émeute". The six and a half minute long production surprises as it twists and turns down dark roads that will have you dancing like a mad man - or a mad woman - or whatever.

I find it refreshing that the builds don't quite fit the mold for what we would expect to hear in a progressive house track these days. The high points drop into a somber synth-y jungle-gym where your thoughts might go to play. The tempo stays fast enough to keep your spirits and inner dancer happy, but this is definitely something I would expect to hear late-night (early-morning) at a dance club. It's that track you're going to want to hear once you've danced your way into a frenzy and need some atmospheric vibes to keep you in the zone. Schinco shows off his innovation on this one, and although he's off to a great start, this appears to only be the beginning for him. Have a listen to his track below!



Dance · House · Progressive · Trance


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