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Akhil Sesh debuts new music video through Thrift Soul [Premiere]

Rarely do we see such a magnificent trifecta of artistry. Akhil Sesh seems to have it all, aesthetic, direction, and organization. Clearly this is no amateur, and this debut short film proves nothing less than a seasoned artist’s signature work. This is another big step for Thrift Soul, and with a handful of extremely talented artists already, this addition only makes it stronger.

Aside from these leaps and bounds for Thrift Soul, Sesh in particular is a very unique artist, the type that seems to have a whole vision laid out before starting any project. This video is absolutely particular, and every part feels substantial and important. A lot of “artsy” videos we see seem to leave me with the question, why? What does it mean? What does this have to do with the music? This was not the case with this video, I sat through the whole thing, appreciated every angle and shot, and let the music melt into the scenes. If that doesn’t speak volumes, I don’t know what does. Enjoy, and don’t forget to follow up with Thrift Soul and their amazing roster.


Exclusive · Hip-Hop


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