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Shystie's "Stop" proves she's one of the best [Video]

It's not hard to say that there isn't a lot of female representation in hip hop right now. Yes, we've got a couple in the spotlight, but women in the industry like Nitty Scott MC or Gangsta Boo aren't exactly getting the radio play they deserve. 

Enter Shystie, a female rapper in the UK that's known for her heavy lyrics as much as her model looks and she's not afraid to go hard in her latest music video. "Stop" brilliantly showcases her brilliance and she brings forth some amazing lines. She's tough and strong and not afraid to show it. 

She brings forth her intelligence and she uses this more than she does by dancing around scantily clad or grinding up on some guy, which is damn impressive in an age where sex sells more than talent. Shystie is definitely one of my favorite UK based female MC's and definitely worth keeping an eye out for. 

Check out the video below!

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