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ReQ Cartier's "Stay Woke" is a hidden gem [Download]

We haven't talked about what's going on in Ferguson, Missouri, on this site, but it's definitely been something occupying my mind. I won't get too much into my own thoughts and feelings here, but one thing to note is that a lot of artists have, and with just reason. 

One such artist that has gone above and beyond is ReQ Cartier, a rapper from Brooklyn, who has gone to Ferguson to protest along with locals and visitors, and has even been arrested during a peaceful protest. 

In light of all of this tragedy and violence happening in our own country, "Stay Woke" is a piece that brings forth emotion and pain, controlled and with a point. It's inspiring, and in many ways brings about what patriotism should mean in 2014. 

Definitely waiting to see what else he brings the rest of this year.


Hip-Hop · Rap


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