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Honest remixes Alex Wiley's positive "Vibration" the lush house way

I blame Splash House. I really do. Not for reintroducing me to a past love; rather because so many producers are jumping on the tropical/lush house craze and/or are finally pushing through the cracks. Each one captivates in a different way. Too many emotions to handle at once. From Bearson to Kygo, to C2C and Jonah Baseball, the summertime sound is here to stay. As the list of monikers grows, we mustn't forget who was at the forefront of the style before it blew up. Arizona's Honest.

Honest is the real deal. A true creative genius in every respect. Nearly two years after the release of the Kyogi remix you found above, we find ourselves with a monster remix of Alex Wiley's "Vibration". The sidechained and auto-filtered slow-attack synths that have become popular in the style go hand in hand with tropical background samples and muddled chords and revolving percussion. Honest takes full advantage of the sonic space without masking Wiley's lyrics.

For the record, we should all be happy this sound is finally gaining attention. It's the shit, and so are all of the producers who keep it alive.

House · Nu-disco · Tropical House


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