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Things get dark with Clu's "Noir" [Premiere]

What we have here is an interesting mix of influences for the electronic duo Clu. Sean Cooley and visual artist Kevin Freeney came came together in 2011. They approached music in not just audio formats, but visual as well. Along with their unique influences from 80s sci-fi films, contemporary dance, and 8-bit sound sprites from the video game Donkey Kong, Clu brings extremely unique soundscapes and tunes to the table. 

Today, we give you an opportunity to get a first taste of their single "Noir" which is on the forthcoming EP Gems via Moodgadget Records. This particular tune is the perfect example of what Clu is all about. This bass-driven tune embarks in atmospheric synth play with a darker underlying droning. The intermittent vocals echo in and out giving "Noir" a mysterious and spooky feel. Towards the latter half of the song, it makes an unorthodox transition that includes chimes and electronic effects that may subtly remind you of something from the opening theme from the TV series American Horror Story. "Noir" has a seemingly slow climatic ending with the re-introduction of vocals, but is almost immediately plateaued.   

Feel the tension below. 


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