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Action Bronson goes hard in new video for "Easy Rider"

Action Bronson is an enormous, implacable force who can often surprise you with his long list of talents, whether he's rapping, cooking a delicious meal, or performing a flawless cartwheel.  So when he drops acid in his new video for "Easy Rider" and proceeds to ride his motorcycle, disregard the police, and kick complete ass in a bar fight, it hardly seems unrealistic.  This could very well be an average day in the life of Action Bronson.

In the video, which vaguely pays homage to the classic American film of the same name, Bronson breaks out of a hospital to go on a drug-fueled quest for his missing guitar.  Along the way he does his eloquent shit-talking routine, with about a half-dozen hilarious LSD-inspired face contortions thrown in for good measure.  By the end he's reunited with his precious guitar, soloing on a rock formation that looks a lot like where Frodo got stabbed in Lord of the Rings.  Rap videos can really start to feel uninspired after a while, so hats off to Action Bronson for serving up a real knee-slapper.


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6 years ago

@ActionBronson @TomGouldShoots At it again. Perfect vibe.