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Sleepy Kitty shows us art punk on new visuals for "Don't You Start" [Video]

Chicago based indie rock duo Sleepy Kitty have released their new music video “Don’t You Start” on NPR in frames as precise as her carefully outlined cherry-red lipstick, and it is perhaps the definition of that elusive creative genre known as art punk. Not only does the band have a great track here, they also have one of the more artistic music videos that I’ve seen this summer. It is a combination of nerd chic and comic-esque prints with the addition of real-life visuals of the duo creating the prints used for each frame.

On the NPR site Brubeck wrote, "Sleepy Kitty started as a band and a screenprinting collaboration basically at the same time, but most of the time they're kind of separate things for us. I got the idea to do a screen printed animation."

The second track from Sleepy Kitty’s LP Projection Room, out this year would have been a standout on its own with front woman Paige Brubeck’s grit-filled yet silk smooth vocals and that alternative feel, but the video ups the ante on pop-culture relevance. The 90’s are in this year and “Don’t You Start” is on trend in music, lyrics and visuals with some reminiscence towards pop-punk originals such as The Ramone’s and all-female units of the 60’s. “Don’t You Start,” is an excellent choice for any viewer with a feverish nostalgia for the artworks of the pre-digital generation.

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