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Wu-Tang Clan reunite on latest single "Ron O'Neal"

This is the headline that so many hip hop fans have been waiting for and possibly gave up hope that they would ever see. After internal fighting and solo ambitions led to years of turmoil, the legendary Wu-Tang Clan are back together, ready to release some new music. While they missed the twentieth anniversary of the release of their seminal debut, Enter The 36 Chambers, they still have a dedicated fan base ready to consume anything they're wiling to produce. A Better Tomorrow is finally on its way and if its first single, "Ron O'Neal" is any indication of what's to follow, it will be a quality return to the showmanship and partnership that made the Wu's earlier work so great—which is all one can ask for.

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Method Man kicks the track off, with an amazing verse. "Found a new word for weed that was so mean, I threw it in my name;" it's almost like an origin story, but filled with braggadocio and reprehension towards his fellow old school emcees. Inspectah Deck follows right after, reveal that his signature dense rhyming hasn't lost any weight over the years. He takes on a variety of topics, but his small little jabs are always the most effective; "I crack heads more than base". 

Ghostface Killah is just Ghostface Killah, so you should already know: he screams on them. RZA performs well as well, taking up the last leg of the race. His scruffy yell flow is filled with some introspection that is quite personal. He starts the verse talking about his past transgressions at the hands of narcissism, something that isn't usually discussed in hip hop. 

Hearing all four of the emcees on a beat produced by RZA, will make your heart beat with anticipation with what is coming next. "Ron O'Neal" is a great first step back into the group dynamic that we hope to hear more of soon.

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