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Rivaz remixes Francesco Rossi's "Godspeed You" featuring Ozark Henry [Premiere + Download]

Francesco Rossi has made waves with his track "Godspeed You" earlier this summer, getting special attention from the likes of Pete Tong for his collaborative deep pop track that features the vocals of Belgian artist Ozark Henry. You might remember Henry from his performance on "Paper Aeroplane," and he delivers a similarly soothing pop vocal on "Godspeed You" that just craves some singing along to.

Today we've got an exclusive first listen to fellow Italian producer Rivaz's take on the track. We haven't posted on Rivaz in a while, with this marking a new venture in his style. In the lens he's taken a view on "Godspeed You" that covers a lot of different vibes, from deep house to pop, all pleasant in experience. Take a listen to the track that's out for free download below, and let that smile happen.

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