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Leo Kalyan tops off "Over You" track release with video [Premiere]

Leo Kalyan is a multi-talented British artist who has continued to raise the bar for melodic reinterpretations and covers. His first appearance in my personal stream was his “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? / High For This” cover. Brilliantly produced and flawlessly blended, this put Kalyan on my radar.

Since then, Kalyan has released another emotional track, titled “Over You”. At first glance, the title gives a first impression of indifference, but the lyrics suggest otherwise. The lingering feelings and dejected nature of the melody make this as relatable as any song about lost or unrequited love. The buttery vocals give it a reassuring and calming feel, and perfectly top off this lovely tune.

As an extra treat, he has just released a corresponding music video that evokes all the same emotions that are spelled out, and adds an ambiance that allows the listener to place themselves into the song. The track and visual aid make this an ironically pleasant experience, adding a particular beauty to melancholy sadness.

Dreampop · Pop


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