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The Chainsmokers want you to do you and #belike "Kanye"

What does it mean to #belike Kanye? Does it mean to go on self-aggrandizing rants, spew a cosmic comet of verbal vomit riddled with quotes fit for a megalomaniac, or marry a woman who has spread her legs for more celebs than Paris Hilton? No, to NY based pop culture sensations The Chainsmokers, new hit single “Kanye” is about, “owning your shit and being happy with your life, no matter the circumstances, rich or poor, skinny or fat, young or old.” Do you love musicals but get called gay by the kids in high school? Fuck that, be like Kanye . . . do you. Do you love video games and proudly wear your Final Fantasy shirt in public but get pushed down and called a nerd? Fuck that, be like Kanye. Do you like to listen to metal and wear satellite pants and your favorite jean shirt but people call you a freak? Fuck that, be like Kanye. “Kanye” isn’t about being an egotistical douche, but more so about being comfortable in your own skin, being the King of you, and dominating at this game called life no matter what other people say. There is only one you and that you is beautiful regardless of what others may tell you. Look at all the hate Kanye gets online. Is his next album going to suffer because of it? No. Because he is Kanye, he does him and he rises above any internet hatred on the wings of Phoenix’s. Did Alex and Drew retreat to their bunk beds and cry on beds of cash as people called them sellouts? Fuck no, they came out with amazing hypem charting remix after hypem charting remix. Their second original “Kanye” is an indie-house track that has a pop-structure tinged with elements of trap, progressive house, electro-pop and more. It is an electric and anthemic reminder that we are all our own Kanye. This tune will get stuck in your head, it will be playing in clubs and radios for the rest of the year, and it will always serve as a reminder to do you. To close out and give you a fire under your ass heed these words from Steve Jobs, “Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use. Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.” Break the rules, be your own king, help people along the way, and #belike Kanye.

In honor of this song, take this quiz to see your level of Kanye-ness. KANYE #BELIKE Quiz


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