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Jon Bellion is refreshingly honest and self-reflective on new single "Munny Right"

What more is there to say about Jon Bellion. The man has come from small beginnings, dropping out of college on Long Island to chase a dream so crazy that most who probably heard his explanation at the time thought he had what it took, but most likely didn't think it was possible. And even if that assumption is not true, Jon has grown a fan base so loyal and cult-like that the addition of larger music & entertainment companies that now back him almost give him an unfair advantage.

All joking aside, Bellion brings a breath of fresh air to the "pop" music scene. And who's to say what he's doing is even pop - it will sure be popular on a ridiculously large global scale sooner than later (quote me on it), but what he brings to the table is a sophisticated musical knowledge-base that allows him to navigate through emotions like he was picking crayons out of a box. That black and white. That definitive in what he works to evoke out of each and every listener.

And the amazing part is that it's not that easy; to be honest, I've only heard a few artists in my lifetime (and I've been exposed to so many) that can deliver the way Mr. Bellion does. "Munny Right" is his best yet, displaying his sophisticated writing skills - whereby I mean lyrically using a lot of words, of a high vocabulary caliber, to help paint his picture - and an awareness of both old and new popular music trends (the pitched down vocal, his Kanye reference, etc.) to craft something entirely him and entirely current all at once.

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There's so much more that can be said about Jon Bellion, but why don't we just let the music do the talking? Great idea. Jon Bellion's The Definition will be released in late September through Visionary Music Group. Bellion will follow up its release with The Beautiful Mind Tour, which begins October 1st in Boston. His full tour schedule can be viewed below.Listen to the record above. Do yourself a favor by the way, and put a pair of headphones on for this one.

The Beautiful Mind Tour

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