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Tapirus inspirits classic Detroit on 'Where Are We Heading' [EP Exclusive Stream]

Back for a second time under the Tapirus moniker, Charlton Ravenberg takes us back to the sound of 90's rave parties--an era constantly cited as a major influence in his work. Known for his keen abilities to blend throwback and contemporary techno sounds, the Tapirus moniker caters to Ravenberg's puristic Chicago and Detroit productions. Delivered under Midnight Shift once again, Where Are We Heading displays another noisy and subjective techno thrill that reflects a personal state of mind from track to track.

At glance, just by reading the title tracks, one can recall the particularity and significance each tune has. As the individual inscriptions reveal  certain temperaments, titles like "Where Are We Heading" brews a contemplative ring that questions the state of humanity and its sense of togetherness. Once Dresden producer Credit 00 gets his hands on it, the feeling of reflection reaches a stage of reverie. Adorned with evermore delicacy than the original, this rendition leaves an after-taste of optimism and hope.

"As I'm Going Through Suffering in Life" revamps the energetic force that regularly runs in noisy warehouse techno. This is perhaps the track of choice for those taking a carpe diem outlook on life. Staying in the moment, the track's relentless demeanor thickens towards the mid point and makes way for a proper hand-off in "I Really Wonder When We'll Meet Again".

Check out the full stream of Where Are We Heading below and don't forget to secure your copy while you can.





'Where Are We Heading' EP

  • Midnight Shift
  • 21-07-2014
Exclusive · Techno


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