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Crazibiza, Lauer & Canard and Max Williams create a new "Fantasy"

In an era where the trendy sounds in dance music are starting to sound homogenized more and more, and faster and faster, it's always nice to hear a tune that goes back to the basics, and isn't sampling a popular pop song from the 1990s. Enter disco producer Crazibiza, who is known for such productions: those that are contemporary, but also classic. His latest collaboration with Lauer & Canard and Max Williams is just that, and it's no wonder "Fantasy" that's out this week on Moody Recordings got top billing on the Beatport House landing page. Check out the track below for some entertaining, refreshing Ibiza disco, and join me in daydreaming about my next vacation.




  • Moody Recordings
  • MDR9701
Dance · House


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