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Tittsworth gives James Nasty's "Do It" a proper reboot [Premiere]

Baltimore and Jersey (Brick City) club has been on the rise, with OGs like DJ Sliink staying true to and young blood like Trippy Turtle completely reformatting the sound. Regardless of who's taking the helm, we're happy the styles are back on the rise. In our opinion, Brick City club wasn't given a proper chance in its heyday of the late 90s and early 00s. The sound more or less died after DJ Tameil, crucial member of the Brick Bandits Crew, thought mercy killing it was the best idea. He found artists were making music without his permission, and that just wouldn't fly. A bit selfish, no? Either way, we find ourselves in the midst of a Baltimore House revolution, the first of which since the 1980s.

The blend of hip hopR&Bpost-disco and chopped, staccato house music has more than ample opportunity to resurface in the current music populace. Little do we know, it's everything we've been listening to only parsed out across several other styles, including trap, nu-disco, and B boy anthems. The recently relocated Los Feliz resident, Tittsworth (Jesse), is amongst the few that know this for sure. After opening one of America's most renowned underground music clubs, Jesse moved to LA where he currently basks in the glory of limitless creativity and musical freedom.

With the James Nasty tune "Them Do It Horns" as the template (see above), Tittsworth vamps the classic Jersey/B-more instrumental fusion into the type of banger we need to fully appreciate the style in a large festival setting. The empty spaces are filled, but not overwhelmingly so; and the vocal stabs are brought more to the surface. The most recognizable addition is the complete reboot of the chain-link tambourines and baritone horns (ahem—them do it horns, if you will). Heartily layered and influenced with laudable originality, Jesse's "Do It" remix deserves all the hype and none of the shade previously associated with the style.

Tittsworth is currently putting together a Europe/Asia/Australia tour, in addition to some US gigs. His next major release features Raja, a star from Ru Paul's Drag Race. You can catch his most recent release "After The Dance" featuring Q-Tip, Theophilus London, & Alison Carney here.

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