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The anonymous Sharkoffs plays into our adolescence with "Bad Touch" remix

Sharkoffs has made it a profession to bring the all but lost art of drum n bass back to the spotlight. He's made a name for himself with his remixes of classic angsty tunes and songs of lore (see: "All The Small Things"). Though anonymous, Sharkoffs identity can be heard in his music, which—in our opinion—is all that really matters at this point in the electronic music game. Everybody in the game has the same damn haircut, the same v-neck shirt, and the same hand gestures. Sharkoffs changes it up in the proper way.

His remix of Bloodhound Gang's infamous high school banger, "Bad Touch", showcases his 8bit-infused 170 bpm capabilities, two styles that sit quite well with us. Shouts to his use of sonic space, filling in all the necessary holes whilst avoiding unnecessary clashes and dissonance—issues that arise far too often in dnb productions. As a proper revival and fusion of two styles that instantly hype whenever they're played, Sharkoffs' remix of "Bad Touch" deserves all the praise it can get.

Listen to Sharkoff's remix of Bloodhound Gang's "Bad Touch" below, and be sure to grab the free download.

Drum and Bass


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