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Flagship take us out to sea with "Gold & Silver" [Video Premiere]

Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, Flagship released their debut self-titled last October. Having been compared to Grizzly Bear or even Sigur Rós in the past, it is hard to really pin down Flagship's sound, as it takes on a flurry of elements from different genres throughout.

From last years album, "Gold & Silver" may be the most accessible song of the bunch, showcasing a catchy indie pop vibe. As with every Flagship release, "Gold & Silver" shares a distinct sense of depth, ranging from a chant worthy chorus to a guitar-focused break at its climax. Through its entirety, the easing drive is brought on by a slow-tempo, but active drum beat, where the vocals go from a hush to a surrounding hook.

Adding lasting visuals the music, Flagship have released a video for "Gold & Silver". Throughout the video a man in a mask is on a journey out to sea. With only a ball a chain in his possession, the main character leaves a note of the songs lyrics behind before seemingly making his last trip out to sea. 

If you are in the San Francisco area, be sure to catch Flagship at any of their three upcoming dates at The Chapel (8/14, 8/21, 8/28). Also, pick up their album on iTunes here and check out Flagship's new website linked below.

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