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Eric Prydz's first EP as Pryda is now available to stream

When Eric Prydz told us that this year would be full of releases, he wasn't kidding. With a recent foray as Eric Prydz and Cirez D in live performances along the festival circuit, the Swedish producer now turns his focus to another alter ego: Pryda. With a past full of ID's and unreleased tracks, this four-track self-titled release will be the first EP of this length to be released under the Pryda name, and of course on the Pryda Recordings label. After a string of recent releases that became immediate hits, there's no doubt that each track from Prydawill follow suit, especially after the huge swell of excitement their play at Tomorrowland caused among fans this past week. Ever the techy, progressive sound that has defined Eric Prydz's career, the EP will demand all attention in the room at its August 4th release. But before that, all four tracks are streaming on Soundcloud, so check them out below.

Track list:
1. Mija
2. Origins
3. Backdraft
4. Axis

Pryda 028
Release Date: August 4, 2014

Dance · Progressive · Tech House


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