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Lowtec marks long-awaited return with 'Workshop 20'

It's been six years since Workshop co-founder, Lowtec, made a record for his prized German imprint. Known best for his minimal house stakes, Workshop 20 is a spot-on representation of what both label and producer consistently aim at issuing: effective forward-thinking house. Minimal in the EP's physical and auditory definitions , the double-sided "UNTITLED" series of tracks feels wholesomely tentative and unconfined all the way through.


Take "A1" as an example of Kuhn's somber capabilities of creating an atmosphere with slowly evolving formation that journeys for a little over 10 minutes. The track takes seamless twists and turns that gently sway our ears to keep following rhythm. The record's b-side shows off heavy kicks and deeper subs that angle over on Lowtec's  usual dub expressions. With "B1" casually treading into deeper sectors, "B2" finds itself as the record's densest point unfolding with puzzling simplicity.


Another solid installment for Workshop, be sure you grab your 12-inch copy of Workshop 20 before it runs out.





House · Minimal


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