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Ferry Corsten revives the sound that made his career on the ironically named "Festival Crash"

Don't let the name of Ferry Corsten's latest release fool you: "Festival Crash" is certainly not like the seemingly homogeneous mass of festival-related tracks released over the past year. And believe it because it's in fact, a trance release reviving the sound that the Dutch producer made his name from before he was known for. 

After a poppy release entitled "Many Ways" last year and a slew of "classics" reposted on his Souncloud over the past few months, it seems in hindsight Corsten may have been prepping his fans for this kind of comeback, leaving them excited over his regained interest in his own music outside of radio hits and his electro-leaning New World Punx project alongside Markus Schulz. Including a remix from one of the only producers who is able to meld hardcore electro with melody without blending in, Jacob van Hage, "Festival Crash" is so much more than just a build and drop for the crowd. Is this Ferry making us think? At this point, we can only wonder what his next move will be.



Dance · Trance


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