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Louis The Child puts their own advanced spin on "Paris" by Magic Man [Premiere]


Comprised of two 16-year-old producers from Chicago, Louis The Child are described by those in the industry as being some of “the most advanced and clear headed teenage electronic producers that they’ve ever met.” It’s rare to be under the age of 21 without rumors of family funds or ghost producers in the background, but in this case unlike so many others, there is not a whisper. Their remix of “Paris” by Boston based group Magic Man is certainly proof of this, as they added a delicate underlay of synths and electronic samples without changing the overall feel of the track. We loved how the introspective lyrics, which a main feature on any song from this indie group, are not completely spliced and diced as in so many remixes and can be clearly heard throughout the duration of the remix. All in all, Louis The Child did a stellar job of putting a unique spin on Magic Man while retaining the elements that garnered it plays in the first place.





Electronic · Exclusive · Indie


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Louis The Child
7 years ago

@MagicMan Thank you guys so much <3 <3