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A spectrum of Molly Williams is played out in the "Stay Don't Go" Remix EP [Premiere + Download]

A voice that can be described in an vast amount of ways, you can describe it as, sultry, hypnotic, addictive, or atmospheric vibey, sweet, smooth, sexy, tambre, even ethereal, the voice of vocalist Molly Williams is truly something out of this world. In anticipation of her debut album, XXIII:ALIVE, Molly recently debuted her indie/chill trap single, "Stay Don't Go" here on EARMILK, the ripple effect following the single was astonishing. From emails, to Soundcloud comments, people fell in love with her voice and not just wanted to use her vocals on tracks and remixes but "needed" to. When asked why her sound and style seemed to be so apporachable for a variety of artists Molly put it all so simply, "My voice provides producers with layers of harmonies, which is my favorite part of recording and producing vocals for the ranging producers I work with. I think I do a good job of providing atmospheric vocal vibes to interpret and create into their own musical path." It may be the perfect formula for creating a mold for an artist to sink their hands into and shape something out of a dream for all to hear, provide layers in your voice, then just simply let the producer fill the rest on how they interpet their own atmosphere. This remix EP highlights, if not defines the future for Molly as a vocalist with range and compatibility that any producers can find a home with, I present to you, the "Stay Don't Go" Remix EP.

The first remix featured on the EP is a very familiar story for us on EARMILK, Cosmic Quest and Molly Williams have worked together previously on their single, "Water Winds". This is a musical connection that embodies the essence of new age music better than any example I can think of, they two have actually never met in person and only share an online connection. To some people this can be ludicrous and prove everyhing wrong about electronic music but is it really a problem, if you are sitting in a studio together or in different countries across the world music comes down to sharing a bond, a love, and a passion for an universal language, and these two share a musical synergy that is phenomenal. Cosmic Quest put an extremely sexy feel into his take on the project, padding Molly's voice with a chilled out beat that seems to make you just slip away. Showing true skill and musical harmoney that the two share, he doesn't run into trouble once of drowning her voice out, as they two seem to just leave this world on a sensual dance together. Definitely a tune we can all lose ourself to this summer after long days of being bleached in the sun, take a trip with this remix and enter a cosmic quest.

Powercord takes over next on the remix duties and really did something fun and different with the track. Molly embodies a very low BPM with her voice and he managed to crank it up a little bit and throw a pretty playful house track together. Staying in check with the indie vibe of the single, Powercord breaks it all down and then in the second drop of the tune has it all fall off, diving into a trap ravine. The remix shows a lot of range and skill from the producer being able to execute this remix, plugging in two different genres of music into Mollly and having them spill out into one song. This one for me is the party track of the pack and shows that indie is just a genre and not a restriction. 

Finishing up the EP, DERJNERJ hailing from Boulder, Colorado who has had the pleasure of performing with Molly, share that special live connection. "DERJNERJ took my vocals and looped it, as we used to at my shows. It reminded me a lot of our live interaction while living in Boulder, performing around there. He hears the space in my voice and brings out the magic that replays in your subconscious dreams." With this remix the sound literally screams Colorado as a deep Pretty Lights vibe can be felt in the remix. Taking Molly's voice and throwing them across Red Rocks with a thick bass line as its foundation, once again a producer finding a way to take the same vocals and make it so unique. The grit of this track is awesome but it still finds a way to feel almost soft, as to not rupture the mild natured Molly Williams. I can see this one going off in a dark club somewhere or playing a DJ set into a calm before the storm deep in a festival.  

In the end there were three producers, three different musical backgrounds, different places, different lives, with one common denominator, Molly Williams, the result a perfect remix EP demonstrating range, different relationships and love for great music. All taking one sound heard at unique frequencies and filling the spaces with their own passions and styles. Molly Williams has always set out to inspire, set out to provide a voice, and prided herself on being a muse of sorts for people to find their own passion. All in all "Stay Don't Go" grab this Ep and wake up in another world with the sounds of Molly Williams. 

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/152568487" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

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Molly Williams

"Stay Don't Go" Remix EP

  • Self Released
  • July 17th


Bass · Dance · Electronic · Exclusive · Indie


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