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Little Simz works hard to make her dreams a reality in "The Hamptons"

Little Simz returns with a brand new set of visuals for the fan favorite, "The Hamptons". This track was originally on her E.D.G.E. project that was an impressive debut, with her mixture of tongue tying lyricism and individualistic content. Unlike many of her peers, who tend to veer towards conscious rap, she never sits on an iron throne to reprimand rapper frivolous rhymes and commercial ways. Rather, Simz sticks to what she knows and speaks from an incredibly personal place, which makes her music compelling. Her rugged ambition and youthful charm make it easy to join in her goals, especially on "The Hamptons".

The gorgeous day that Simz and company choose to record the video, helps to create the laid back ambiance needed to compliment "The Hamptons" track. Da-P gave her an instrumental that has elements of his usual club-trap sound, but with added layers of synthesizers and beautiful keys playing in the background; even the drums sound like they were pilfered out of an 80's r&b song, taking away some of their domineering qualities. Little Simz discusses her tireless need to continue to create and stay dedicated to the task at hand, which is to get successful. Although, she isn't necessarily looking for the perks of celebrity, she wouldn't turn them down if offered, without selling her soul. 

Majority of the video follows Simz enjoying the beach and hanging out with friends, two of whom happen to make up THC. Each scene is completely relaxing, even when she is rapping her hardest. At one point she is reciting her lyrics underneath a boardwalk, in the ocean that looks wonderfully refreshing. There aren't many tricks or added frills, which fits her style. It is also one of the reason she is enjoyable to follow, she comes across as a real artist and person, instead of a persona. 

If you haven't done so already, you need to pick up Little Simz E.D.G.E. EP. "The Hamptons" and a whole slew of other solid tracks are there, ready for you to thoroughly enjoy. Check out her soundcloud as well, where she has a good amount of old tracks archived. 

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