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Detroit-bred Todd Osborn reverts back to basics on 'T-Rhythm Trax Vol. 1'

An enthusiast for experimentation who's clutched quite the reputation for doing so in and outside his musical career, Detroit-based producer Todd Osborn is as spontaneous as it gets. Whether releasing music as Todd Osborn, Osborne, Soundmurderer, Superstructure, Starski & Clutch, or Musk, the man always crafts something fresh that works. With pallets of releases already under his belt for labels like Ghostly, Spectral, Throw, 7777, Running Back, and WéMè (naming a few), he now returns to Running Back with a retrograded session in house & techno rhythms shaped around the sounds of the DPM-48.


T-Rhythm Trax Volume 1 genuinely displays Osborn's affection and appreciation for a culture that's cultivated and propagated many of his musical sounds to date. "Beat A", "Beat B", and "Beat C" are translations of what the heart beat of a Detroit warehouse might sound like in the after-hours. "Itshousetrumental" speaks for itself; Stripped of any hype or diluting additive, here's your fresh dose of classic Chicago/Detroit house to replenish yourself with. And while we use the aforementioned track as a "cool down" track, per se, "Beatapella" is a straight booty shaking body pusher that'll get your heart rate pumping.





Todd Osborn

T-Rhythm Trax Volume 1

  • Running Back
  • 2014-07-14




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