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Benassi's recent hit, "Let This Last Forever", gets the Florian Picasso treatment [Premiere]

An industry veteran meets an up-and-coming producer in this remix, a reimagination of of Benassi's June release with Ultra, "Let This Last Forever". The fast-paced original clocked in at upbeat 132 BPM and featured the vocals of multi-talented British artist Gary Go. MAKJ, who resurfaced over a year and a half ago to take the industry by storm, supplied the first remix to the track, which solidly slid toward the festival-ready end of the electronic spectrum.

Today's remixer, Florian Picasso, goes back to the roots of "Let This Last Forever", and the French DJ/producer continues with the bright energy of Benassi's work: throughout the remix vibrating electro climbs fall into euphoric synth chords, only pausing for a string-backed break where Gary Go's crisp voice shines through. Florian demonstrates his ability to create the perfect unison and bring out the progressive side to an already stellar track. Find it on Ultra Records this Friday, July 11th, and add this to the artist's list of prestigious imprints, on top of Cr2 and Ones To Watch.


Benny Benassi

"Let This Last Forever" (Florian Picasso)

  • Ultra
  • 2014-07-11
Dance · Exclusive · Progressive


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Kate Unwales
6 years ago

@florianpicasso @BennyBenassi The one is was waiting for! :)

Seth Philip
6 years ago

@florianpicasso @BennyBenassi Awesome remix!