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Jaz Marley and BURNTmd get faded on "710's & Prerolls (Smoker's Anthem)" [Premiere]

I'm not much of a toker myself, but it seems like dabs have caught the attention of green-thumbs everywhere and are shaping up to be big business. For the unaware, this isn't your parent's strain of cheeba. A "high-ly" (excuse the bad pun) concentrated form of hash that looks like honey and is commonly made with butane as a heat source, it's a definite game changer due to its ability to get you faded while being easy to conceal. And just like the potent wax, Jaz Marley's music comes in the form of heavy rhymes and hazy sounds.

[soundcloud url="https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/157691615%3Fsecret_token%3Ds-KZWOa&"]

We've had a ton of 4:20 tracks in the past, but "710 & Prerolls (Smoker's Anthem)" is a different kind of joint. Marley, known also as the "Hip Hop Hippy," has been a product of good music, skate culture and fine green, and this track is a means of representing his love for life while giving a shoutout to everybody from the East to the West who is down with the chronic. With the always nice BURNTmd providing some hot bars, this one is bound to be your go-to summer hip hop track. This is the first from Jaz Marley's upcoming Hip Hop Hippy mixtape, so keep it locked to hear more as soon as we get more details about the project. 



Feature · Hip-Hop · Rap


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