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Trippy Turtle's new music video for "Trippy's Theme" is incredibly nostalgic

It should come as a surprise to nobody that the Norwegian producer/DJ Trippy Turtle's accompanying music video to his debut single is anything except exactly that - "trippy". Attractive animated nurses, epic battles, super powers, and an appearance by RiFF RAFF (yes, come on - who else would fit better than him) rounds out a video that pushes the inner child button within all of us.

The animation itself for "Trippy's Theme" was done by Nikolais Javan and illustrations were done by Dan Dussault, both of whom hit the nail on the head in making the video both entertaining and nostalgic. It's still incredible to see the rise of Trippy, who has over the course of this year become one of the most prominent, established, and well-liked jersey club music producers.

Peep the video above and be sure to cop the song via iTunes here (released through Mad Decent).



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