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argonaut&wasp release Western-themed music video for "Pistol Pump Funk"

argonaut&wasp are Theo Klein and Trey Schibli, a Vermont-based duo that stormed onto the scene with their debut single “In The Drown”, released in August 2013. Dipping their toes in the realms of indie as well as dance, Theo and Trey have become known as the zeitgeist band that crafts beautifully-woven indie anthems through electronic production and live instrumentation. Over the past year, they've conquered Burlington's live music scene, playing at almost every venue in the city on a weekly basis and being named as the "Best Local Act" by The Vermont Cynic.

A powerful record full of irresistible hooks and stunning songwriting, “Pistol Pump Funk” is a dazzling celebration of future electronics balanced with the magic of classic indie pop. It's the coming together of indie, dance and funk to create an addictive summer anthem that will have you dancing for days. 

A wink to the days of old spaghetti westerns, the music video for “Pistol Pump Funk” is a colorful and upbeat adventure through old saloons and modern graffiti-ed streets. Putting their fun-loving nature on full display, Theo and Trey’s infectious antics will have you smiling and dancing along with them throughout the chase. Enjoy it, and you can download the track on their website, right here

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