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Tom Misch continues to masterfully blend genres in "Memory"

First, all one can hear is the familiar cheery sounds of a steel drum setting the foundations of warm melody and rhythm; usually an indication of something ragga or Caribbean influenced will follow, but instead, old folk style strings commence to play long sorrowful chords. Before the situation can be fully grasped and properly understood, a classical piano adds a third layer on the growing chorus of instruments, helping to solidify the beautifully introspective harmony slowly descending into the ear canal. A gorgeously programmed kick drum finally appears, turning this strange collage into a recognizable, albeit novel, symphony. Before even uttering a word, even preceding the first loop, Tom Misch's "Memory" is incredibly enchanting and captivating.  

The young British producer/singer/songwriter continues to impress us with his stellar compositions, but this track takes it to new heights. Misch appears to be gifted in the art of fusing all of his influences into stunning six minute packages. There is so much to "Memory" that one post could not do it proper justice; from his signature calm r&b inspired vocals to his classic blues or rock guitar solos, you can tell that he is a student of music. The way it all comes together is a literal work of art, one that shouldn't be underestimated or unrecognized. 

After the final crescendo passes and the acoustic guitar stops picking away in the background, the spell of "Memory" doesn't leave. Tom's steel drums are both blessings and curses, as you will find yourself whistling their tune for the rest of the day. It is a bewitching tune that will call out for more—a call you should definitely answer. Warning this track is highly addictive, but if you need more fixes, you can head down to his soundcloud or keep it locked to Earmilk, where we will always keep you posted on his latest releases. 

Eclectic · R&B · Trip-Hop


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