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Pilotpriest provides us with a nocturnal and urban score called "Archive Seven"

Synth-oriented producer extraordinaire and film maker Pilotpriest (Anthony Scott Burns) wowed us at all with the release of his conceptual album Original Motion Picture Soundtrack two years ago. This thorough album exhibited his unique mindset and producing style, which quite oftenly relies on retro-sounding effects from moogs. Listening through his work will send you back 30 decades and all of it's glory. So if you are an 80s fan, Pilotpriest is right for you.  

Recently, he dropped a new tune called "Archive Seven". The song's mood and style does not deviate much from his previous work. It oozes with retro sounding synth effects while having that slow burning beat. It has that urban, night time feel that can accompany you while you cruise around the city at night.

Time to bump.     



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