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Urban Noize deal a dope remix of Lana Del Rey's "Florida Kilos"

With Lana Del Rey’s new record currently monopolizing the internet, it’s important to diversify and remind yourself that there’s other music out there. However, given how big the album is, why not just diversify slightly by checking out the hottest remix to surface amidst the hype of Ultraviolence, it still counts. Urban Noize have reworked “Florida Kilos”, the 14th track from Lana’s third album (her second released under the alias of Miss Del Rey), and introduced some “Blue Magic” from rap titan Jay Z. Hip hop flavours can already be found in Lana’s music, but Steve and Steven of Urban Noize have ensured that the drug dealing themes of the crack capital documentary shine through even brighter and whiter.

Lana’s catchy choral tribute to dope fiends now sits snugly between Jay’s vintage verses and an addictive bag of tweaks from The Brothers Noize, which includes a lifting drop and a chemically enhanced atmosphere. Urban Noize clearly enjoy experimenting with Lana Del Rey records, the Miami pair having worked on The American Beauty EP; 30 minutes of Lana and Jay mash ups. One of the highlights from that project was the bonus cut, “Born To Die”. This one has it all. Lana’s original sultry tones and the nostalgic, narcotic themes are elevated by Hova’s confessional lyrics. Enjoy “Florida Keys” and revist "Born To Die" below.

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